About College


Satya Sai Group Of Institution is the main center for higher education in the Raebareli district. The college was established on 8th August, 1960 by the then Member of Parliament Satya Sai Group Of Institution. At present


Our Courses


FGC's multi-disciplinary curriculum provides students a strong foundation in disciplines like B.Sc. , M.Sc. ,B.Com, M.Com , B.Ed. etc


Our Infrastructure


FGC is built in a sprawling campus of 286 acres. The built up area of the University in phase one is 1.8 million sq ft. FGC has one of the best-in-class infrastructure and facilities on the campus. Words


Memorable Remembrances

Dr S. Radhakrishnan

It must be some comfort to Shrimati Indira Gandhi, her father and sons and all those who loved him that the future of this college which bears an honoured name.May the great qualities of Feroze Gandhi inspire the staff and student of this College.

V V Giri

It is the zeal and animating spirit of it's Founder, my esteemed Friend, the late Feroze Gandhi that is inspiring the workers of this trust. Looking to the progress of this institution, I am sure it will soon form the nucleus of a Rural University..

Rajiv Gandhi

Satya Sai Group Of Institution, Rae Bareli has always been in the forefront of new initiatives. I have no doubt that the conference will mark another glorious chapter in the history of college i look forword to the deliberations of the confernece. February 17,1991 (on the occassion of SAARC Countries Confernece on Environment Management in Developning Coutries)